Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flames from one log leap to another, fire kindles fire

There's two links I would like to share.  (Well, there's more -- I've collected some links in the past that I really should post here for resources, but we'll start with two right now)  The first is a really cool metal work method found at Birka that my friend Eithni pointed out to me.  This site has some lovely examples based on those finds: Silberknoten's posaments.  I think I shall have to learn how to do this at some point.

The second link is something I came across today: the Skaldic Project Homepage.  It's a searchable database of skaldic works, and includes lists of kennings and other cool things.

The title for today's post comes from verse 57 from Hávamál:

"Flames from one log leap to another,
fire kindles fire;
a man's wit shows in his words,
stupidity is silent."

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  1. I was familiar with the posaments link, but didn't know about the Skaldic Project. Thanks for the wonderful links!