Monday, March 1, 2010

The eye-cliffs, well sculpted, in wonder raise: word-smiths would know well this woman

Quite awhile ago now, I teamed up once again with Ingus to create something cool in Norse.  He was working on an Award of Arms scroll for Katerinka Lvovicha, a dual resident of the East Kingdom (totem is the tiger) and Northshield (totem is the griffin), and asked that I translate his words into Old Norse.  As an added bonus, I decided to then arrange the words into the Málaháttr style of poetry.

Here were the words of Ingus I was given:

Lion-born, Tiger's child 
walks the Western plains.
Word smith, song maiden
Call we now you to us.

Vigilant, Valiant
First to rise to help’s call
Ring giver, Road Traveller
Serves her king most gladly

Katerinka Lvovicha
Hear this now and know well
Two Kings see, Two Kings smile
Griffin and Tiger share this joy.

 And here is the Old Norse:And the literal translation:

Ljóni borin þú
ert tígrisdýrs barn --
Orðsmiðr, söngmeyja --
gekkt á Vestvöllinu.
Vit kallið þik nú.

Gætin ok úgæf,
Þú ert fyrst --
örlátr ferðamaðr --
at standa undir
herann holliga.

Katrín Ljovizta,
herðu ok kannðu:
tveir konnungar sjá
ok tveir brosa þeir:
Tígrisdýr miðla,
ok it Gríffin,
gleðina öllu.
to (the) lion born, you
are tiger's child --
wordsmith, song-maiden --
(you) walk upon the western fields.
We(dual) call you now.

Heedful and not-meek,
you are first --
generous traveler --
to be subject to the lord faithfully.

Katerinka Lvovicha,
hear and know:
two kings see and they two smile:
Tiger shares, and the Griffin,
all the joy.

Lvov is Russian for 'lion' -- hence why she is lion-born.

Translation finished April 2009.
Award presented July 4, 2009 at Northern Region War Camp.