Thursday, January 14, 2010

The lame man rides a horse...

I am not in fact dead.  I've just been completely busy with Life.  Interviewing and landing a Second Job, the holidays, hurting my back, and trying to find enough time to sleep and eat between the two jobs has been sucking up my juices and my brain.  I will hopefully be returning with more articles sometime soon.  Oh, let's make that a Resolution shall we?  I shall have a content post by the end of the month.

The title for today's post is taken from the Hávamál, from the first line of stanza 71.  Here it is in full (in translation, obviously):

The lame man rides a horse, the handless man drives herds,
the deaf man fights and succeeds;
to be blind is better than to be burnt:
a corpse is of no use to anyone.